Arrows Native Foods, LLC

Arrow's Native Foods, LLC

About Our Family Business

Arrow’s Native Foods LLC is a Native American owned food business located in Fresno, CA.  Owners Arrow Sample (Mono/Yokut) and Rochelle Bonillas (Mono/Yokut/Ohlone) are enrolled members of Big Sandy Rancheria Band of Western Mono Indians.  We offer a number of products and services that include: a “Pop up” Food Booth for local events, educational Acorn Demonstrations, Wild Mushroom Identification Classes, and wholesale & Private Label Jerky.  Our goal is to bring some of the Native Foods of California back to our people in a traditional and modern way.  We will continue to connect with the people, the Earth, and our Ancestors by putting love into everything we do.  We look forward to connecting and serving you. 

Food Booth

The Food Booth is pretty much where it all started. It’s been a family tradition in making Indian Taco’s at our local Pow Wow’s and more.

Acorn Demonstrations

Gathering, storing, processing, and cooking acorn is a big part of California Native American Culture

Wholesale Jerky

Wholesale and Private Label Jerky sales. Over 30 flavors to choose from.

Food Blog

Follow along with Arrow as he experiences new foods across California and beyond.