Gathering Adventures

The changing seasons throughout the year bring the availability of different things. From a
variety of Berries, Acorns, Mushrooms, Sage, Seaweed, Pine Nuts, and so many other things;
the California Landscape provides so many resources. These Traditional Native Foods are so
much better for our health than the modern food we’ve been eating. These Traditional Native
Foods are what we are trying to bring back to the people in a good way. Each changing season
brings the excitement of something new to look forward to; especially if you’ve been waiting all
year to harvest. There’s a little more sense of appreciation knowing that it’s seasonal, and you
may only get to enjoy it for a small period of time. Other things you can store for the whole year
to last you.
Acorns have been our focus lately; which is Our excitement for the Fall season. This time of
year we are on the road checking out our spots for the coveted Black Oak Acorn. Acorns from
the White Oak, Valley Oak, and Spanish Oak (Golden Cap) trees have also been gathered ad
processed in our area; these come in the Fall as well. The past handful of years we’ve started
to become familiar with the Tan Oak Acorns; along the Northern California Coast.
Gathering one Native Food has led us to gather other Native Foods that California’s Natural
resources provide.
Wild mushrooms are one of the native foods that we have recently started to spend much of
our time with. Wild mushrooms gathering can be year-round if your willing to travel throughout
California. We’ve started to take adventures and travel around to the different areas that have
wild mushrooms at different times of the year. When you come across a wild mushrooms while
out in the forest, it’s like finding a treasure. From highly culinary valued mushrooms, to highly
medicinally valued mushrooms; The California landscape provides.
Each season has something to look forward to. Gathering helps us Connect with Our Family,
Traditions/Ancestors, the Land, the Native Foods. It brings a more natural lifestyle that can only
help the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Continuing to gather, and influence our communities in a good
way is our goal.